Party Rules

Thank you for choosing BusyKidz for your party, we appreciate your business!

Please carefully read the rules that we ask you to follow as the host of the party.

  • Your party package includes 12 children. Deluxe parties include 20 children.
  • Please provide us with a head count of attendees within 1 week of the party.
  • Liability waivers for birthday child and guests must be returned to BusyKidz on the day of the party or the hosting family.
  • Set up time before the party is 15 minutes max. Please plan your party set-up accordingly.
  • BusyKidz Party Hosts do not help serve food. They can help decorate, clean up, lead the timing, and enforce rules.
  • Socks and no shoes are required for everyone at BusyKidz. Grown ups and children. We have socks for sale if necessary.
  • Please make all necessary arrangements to ensure the party ends on time. No time extensions will be given unless coordinated with BusyKidz staff prior to the party. There is a $50 charge per every 15 minutes your party remains past the specified end time.  In order to ensure that you have enough time for gathering up gifts and any items you will be taking with you, it’s important to give yourself at least 15 minutes prior to your party’s end to pack up. BusyKidz staff will clean up anything that you aren’t taking with you.
  • Tables in the party zone will be available.  Adults may eat prior to table time, but please keep food in the party zone, and do not serve child guests until table time. This helps us to keep food out of the carpeted areas.
  • Please make sure all costumes have been removed before eating.
  • Please make sure all children wash their hands after eating.
  • No food or drinks on the carpet.
  • Any snacks or favors should only be handed out while children are seated around the tables or on their way out of the party.
  • Host is responsible to monitor their guests’ behavior at all times.  Many children, especially on their first visit to BusyKidz, are very excited and sometimes get very loud and wild, causing damage to the equipment and creating an unsafe environment for themselves and others. Help us keep BusyKidz safe and beautiful!
  • To maintain a clean environment, we ask that shoes be stored in the provided storage spaces. Socks are available for purchase if needed.

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