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Our mission with BusyKidz Play Town and Coffee Shop is to develop a safe place where families and children can share and gather. Based on extensive research in the field of early childhood education, brain development and years of experience with children, our exhibits will be based on how children learn most effectively: Social Constructiveness. Allowing young children to explore their own creativity and imagination, also allows them to explore opportunity, inspiration and education in a whole new way all the while building confidence and community.

A wide number of imaginative play spaces are available, the exhibits are based on small or historical businesses in Folsom and surrounding areas. The spaces include but aren't limited to, an art studio, music space, farmers market, medical offices, diner, a home, classroom, library, post office, fashion boutique, a construction room, an engineering space, a park, and our full service espresso bar and mini café.
Different education and expression classes, events, or groups are offered for guided exploration of various art forms and personal development-not only for children, but parents too! We offer birthday parties and field trips that support the same philosophy.

Kids here have free range with the supervision of a parent or caregiver which allows for promotion of comfort and sense of belonging in the community. Our educational philosophy is passion and research driven, as well as experience rich and will positively help families and young children learn in a way that is lasting and fosters a life-long love of learning.


Jessica is a mother of one sweet boy born in 2013. She was so fortunate to stay at home with him and pursue her passions. As of Summer 2015, Jessica has been able to experience the life of a working mother, and is very excited to see so many aspects of motherhood. She is an experienced birth professional, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and has a degree in psychology. She holds a passion for educating, inspiring, and supporting young children, and mothers alike. Jessica believes it truly takes a village and recognizes that our children are our future. Having a place like BusyKidz has been a dream come true!



BusyKidz is the brainchild of three Folsom moms who wanted to provide families in the Sacramento area with a meaningful play experience. They wanted to create a beautiful play town, alive with the hum of busy children, hard at work, creating their own worlds or imitating the adults they admired in their real lives through pretend play. All share a passion for community development and had inspiring plans to create a safe space where children, adults and the surrounding community are able to come together as one to learn through play, music, art, and literacy. It is an honor for Jessica to be able to continue and watch this journey unfold and continues the work in aiming to create the perfect family oasis!



BusyKidz Play Town and Coffee Shop is donating a portion of their proceeds in honor of the owner’s mother who has Lyme disease. Seeing the debilitating effects of Lyme first hand motivated Jessica to help others who are suffering. Lymelight raises hope for children and families with Lyme. Donate with us, every $1 adds up to grow this incredible cause.


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