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        Shield tail brush manufacturer tube piece automated assembly technology tunnel construction

        Issuing time:2019/5/14 17:10:59
        Since the work in the field of panel assembly is generally carried out under heavy physical conditions in a narrow, dirty and dangerous space, automation is required in order to make the tunneling of large-diameter shields safe, rapid and to ensure the quality of the panel assembly. operating system.
        2.1 System components
        The segment automation system consists of assembly system, tube feeding system, carrying system, bolt and nut system, shield jack and so on.
        2.2 Functions of each system
        In order to achieve high speed, each system should perform its functions as synchronously as possible without causing interference.
        1) The assembly system is to assemble and tighten the segments along the tunnel wall.
        2) Segment feeding system. The positioning device consists of 7 axes, controlled by a servo valve, precisely feeds the segments to the required space, and assembles segments close to 6t with an accuracy of 1~2 mm.
        3) The carrying system consists of an automatic walking system and a lifting system for the automatic lifting device, lifting the tube piece and placing it in the tube feeding system.
        (1) Each material has one ring of tubes on the vehicle, and is loaded and unloaded using a 4-point lifting chain block.
        (2) A system for loading and unloading segments on a tire vehicle that functions as a segment storage system.
        (3) The forklifts on both sides are inserted and withdrawn by hydraulic cylinders, driven by variable frequency electric power, synchronized with the left and right shovel arms.
        (4) The automated guided vehicle AGV is associated with the action of the segment car.
        4) The bolt and nut system is tightened with bolts and nuts. With the tightening robot, you can automate all operations.
        (1) The robot is equipped with a multi-joint arm, mounted on the left and right sides of the self-propelled vehicle, automatically finds the bolt, presses the previously input sensor digital data, generates the tightening action through the electric servo motor, controls the torque accurately, and automatically records various operation data.
        (2) The end of the multi-joint arm can carry 500 kg load; it can handle tunnels of different diameters.
        (3) The operator operates the remote control bolt and tightens the system, and can simultaneously complete the re-tightening work while looking at the video camera image.
        5) The shield jack is used for the top tube.
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