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        Full face tunnel boring machine

        Issuing time:2019/5/14 17:03:37

        The Tunnel Boring Machine, or the hidden shield machine, abbreviated as TBM, is a large-scale machine specially used for tunneling. The machine has the characteristics of one tunnel excavation completed. The excavation, propulsion and propulsion are all completed by the machine, and the excavation speed is five times that of the traditional drilling and blasting method. However, the machine can not be modularized at all, and can only be ordered according to the diameter of the excavation tunnel, so the purchase price is over 100 million yuan.

        Classification of full-section tunnel boring machines for full-section tunnel boring machines:

        Rock tunnel boring machine:

        Open-type TBM, also known as a supported TBM or a boot-up TBM. It is characterized by adapting to hard rock formations, without shields, using the gripper and front and rear supports alternately to support the huge reaction and counter-torque of the TBM forward and to adjust the direction of the tunneling. If a local unstable rock formation is encountered, the open TBM is reinforced with its own auxiliary equipment, anchoring rod, wire mesh, shotcrete, and ring beam to keep the wall stable. When encountering a local soft surrounding rock or fracture zone, the open TBM uses its own advanced drilling and grouting equipment to pre-consolidate a section of surrounding rock in front of the tunnel, and then safely excavate after the strength of the surrounding rock is stabilized. The lining of the wall will be concentrated after the whole line is penetrated. Construction of Qinling Tunnel in Xikang Railway and Construction of Diversion Tunnel of Tianshengqiao Second-class Hydropower Station
        The shielded hard rock TBM (shielded hard rock TBM) is used to fracture the rock formation, and the concrete lining behind the TBM supports the unstable cave wall. Can be divided into:
        Double Shield TBM (Double Shield TBM) has two modes: stable TBM excavation with support shoes in stable rock formations; in unstable rock formations and fractured rock formations, the wall behind TBM is used as a support to stabilize TBM.
        Single Shield TBM (Single Shield TBM) is used to break rock formations and rely on concrete walls to support stable TBM

        Soft soil tunnel boring machine:

        Open-face soft rock roadheader for stable and water-free formations. The tunnel wall of the excavated tunnel remains erect and stable in a short period of time and does not require lining support.
        Closed-face or pressure balanced soft rock roadheader
        The Earth Pressure Balanced TBM cuts the soil layer from the cutterhead, and the cut soil enters the soil silo (also called the excavation chamber) and is balanced with the water and earth pressure on the work surface. The amount of unearthed screw conveyor in the silo is balanced with the amount of advancement of the cutterhead, and continuous unearthing work is carried out. The stability of the earth pressure is coordinated by the cutting speed of the cutter head, the propulsive force and the speed of the screw conveyor.
        Slurry Pressure Balanced TBM is used for soil excavation with large water pressure and rich groundwater (such as crossing rivers, cross-sea tunnels, etc.). At the back of the cutterhead, there is a muddy water chamber, and the muddy water inside is balanced with the pressure on the working face to ensure the stability of the muddy ground layer. The mud water taken out from the mud water chamber is separated from water and soil, and the separated water is used to pressurize the mud water chamber and the working surface; the separated soil loading vehicle is transported out of the tunnel.

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